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Many people today are blissfully unaware that the air conditioning system needs servicing, Whist cold air continues to come out we assume it is working fine, so why does my a/c system need servicing?

Even though your car will lose 10% of refrigerant a year through natural wastage, an a/c system as many people find is still working in 4 to 5 years, so why is it so important to service it? Today we realise the importance of an annual oil services to keep an engine clean, working efficiently and to keep emission low, but when do we need to service the a/c?

It is recommended that an a/c system is serviced every 18/24mths, this is because, your car Will lose 10% of refrigerant per year and this lose replaced by air which in turn is moisture, it is only when it starts to blow warm air that we think it needs topping up. You should never just top up an a/c system, by topping up u do not address the real problem. The purpose of servicing your system is to remove this moisture, which causes the problems.


The oil that is used in your a/c system is synthetic, all synthetic oils are hygroscopic, thus in time draws moisture, moisture in a system creates hydrofluoric acids which when heated will lead to rapid deterioration of all system components, pipes seal etc, thus leading to leaks, the only way moisture can be removed from the system is by creating a deep vacuum, the moisture boils off in a vacuum and the pumping action pulls out any moisture in the form of a vapour this is the crucial services. Only when this process has occurred can you put in the new oil and gas.


Pollen Filter

Why does my car smell?

Am I bothered about the quality of air I breathe? Well you should be!

Pollen filters are one of the single most important components in your air con system. Apart from stopping dirt, pollen and other debris entering the car, if a pollen filter becomes dirty and block not only will this contribute to smells, it can restrict the air to travel over the evaporator which cools the air and can also can burn out expensive resistors in your blower motor as the a/c system gets hot and cold deep inside internal blower vents bacteria grows, when you switch your blowers on the spores are blown into the cabin which the unsuspecting passengers breathe in, this can cause humans in the cabin to experience unpleasant asthma, type flu symptoms, these include, runny nose, itchy eyes and headaches. To eliminate these problems the cabin needs to be decontaminated with an antibacterial freshener.

When all of these things have been done then you can truly appreciate a clean, fresh, healthy efficient air conditioning system.